• NanoNine Bellyno Stainless Steel Serving Pot mini With Glass Lid 800 ml

    NanoNine Bellyno Stainless Steel Serving Pot / Casserole With Glass Lid, Mini, 800 ml, Silver This innovation with unique design not only saves Roti,s but also retains its freshness. Bellyno with its unique design saves Roti's from getting soggy. Easily see the contents of Bellyno without opening the Lid.Glass Lid is toughned and durable. Specially designed to be light weight for easy handling. Bellyno is double walled and PUF coated between walls to prevent het and nutrition loss. USE & CARE : Do not keep in oven or microwave. Package contents are fragile and handle with care. Do not place on Gas. Keep away from the children as the contents may be hot.

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