Even if you do not sew your own outfits, the sewing machine in the house is still a necessary thing! Agree, it’s funny to waste time on the trips to the workshops, if you have a little seam on the skirt or on the trousers, if you need to stitch the pillowcase or sheet, if suddenly you need to replace the zipper on the children’s pants. Agree, there are many small jobs in which without a sewing machine is as without hands.

And, if you are accustomed to sewing yourself or change clothes, turning boring models into super-fashionable ones, if you do not want to spend money on children’s clothes but make it yourself, then the sewing machine in your house probably takes an honorable place.

Let’s consider what the main reasons for purchasing a sewing machine are:

Why do I need to buy a sewing machine?

Rework worn out clothing.

Unfortunately, our clothes wear out very quickly, especially for children’s clothes. With a sewing machine, you can easily replace the garment for a new piece of cloth, using a variety of stitches. Thanks to the machine stitching, the materials firmly stick together to each other, unlike the manual sewing method.

Quickly sew a hole on clothes.

Have you ever had to throw socks on which there was a small hole, and you were just too lazy to take a needle with a thread in your hand and sew a hole? A sewing machine will cope with this task many times faster, and the stitches will be much more tightly bound. To correct small holes on other types of clothing is also easy to accomplish with a sewing machine.

Sewing or stitching of coarse cloth.

In your house for sure, there will be clothes made of jeans or fur. Such material is very strong and it is rather problematic to patch it manually and takes a long time. But if you use a sewing machine, you can easily stitch the jeans or sew a torn piece of fur from the coat, for example.

Sewing is a good profitable business.

If you master the art of sewing, then you can sell your services to people who need to repair clothes or sew a new outfit and who do not have their own sewing machine.

Creation of designer clothes or clothes of non-standard sizes.

If you have a rich imagination and you do not want to dress like everyone else, then the sewing machine will become an indispensable tool for creating unusual clothes that will match all your desires and tastes. And how many people in the world who have non-standard sizes and they find it difficult to find suitable clothes in the size in the store. If you belong to such people, then you should definitely buy a sewing machine so that you can dress in what you want, and not in what has come upon you in the store.

Sewing of covers.

In your home, too, there will certainly be furniture that has long been thrown away because of scuffs or holes. Instead of getting rid of such things, you can sew a beautiful modern cover that will hide all the shortcomings of old furniture and give it newness.

Sewing of toys.

Glad your child with a new designer toy from your hands. Turn on the imagination and create some funny little creature, and the sewing machine will help you in this.

Sewing of carnival costumes.

Agree, there are a lot of holidays, which are more cheerful to meet in a carnival costume. To buy or rent it is expensive but it’s much more interesting and practical to sew yourself. Your children will always be the most elegant on any holiday.

This is not all the reasons that can push you to purchase a sewing machine. However, in our opinion, this is enough to understand that the sewing machine will become an indispensable thing in any family.