Prevention of coronavirus disease includes regular hand washing, the use of an antiseptic, and the wearing of a medical mask.

Of course, you can buy a medical mask at a pharmacy. But the demand for these products is extremely high, so consumers are constantly complaining about the high price or lack of goods in stock. There is a solution: make a mask yourself, using our simple lessons.

An easy way to make a double gauze mask

Important! Masks effectively protect against viruses only together with other preventive measures: regular treatment of hands with alcohol-containing antiseptic or water and soap.

You’ll need:

fabric (2 types if desired, for mask and finishing); elastic tape; chalk or pencil for fabric; ruler; fabric scissors; pins; iron; a sewing machine and threads.

Material recommendations: mask material – gauze, cotton, linen. It is possible to use cotton wool as an additional layer between the base fabric.

Materials dimensions: fabric (gauze) 30*20 cm (14*7.8 in) and 10*4.5 cm (3.9*1.7 in); elastic tape 16-17 cm (6.7 in).

* The sizes are calculated for an average adult, if necessary, adjust them.


  • Fold the main part in half. Sew along the side 20 cm long, leaving an allowance of 0.7 cm. Turn out detail and iron.


  • Fold the part so that the raw edges are on the sides and the seam is on the bottom. Measure 3.8 cm (1.2 in) from the bottom line, place a mark and draw a horizontal mark. Measure 2.5 cm (0.7 in) from this mark and draw a second line.
  • Lay the fold as shown in the picture, focusing on the drawn lines. Pin the folds around the edges.
  • For the second fold, measure 1.7 cm (0.3 in) from the top line (which is also the fold line) and draw a line. Then measure 2.5 cm (0.8 in) from this line and draw another one. On these lines, lay the second fold so that the lines coincide. Lay the third fold in the same way.
  • Fasten the folds with stitches.


  • Pin the elastic tape to the edges of the mask. Fasten the ends of the tape with short stitches.
  • Fold strips for inside out and iron. Place the strip on top of the elastic so that the raw edges align. Wrap the tip. Fasten with stitches stepping back 0.7 cm from the edge.
  • Fold back the strip and wrap it on the other side. Fasten it with pins. Stitch the edge. Then, stitch the stripe at the other edge. Repeat with the second stripe. It’s done!

This is one of the easiest facial masks to sew with your own hands. The mask sits comfortably due to the folds.

How to use the mask correctly

  1. The product should fit tightly to the nose and mouth.
  2. The folds on the mask must be unfolded, giving the mask a more functional shape to fit snugly to the face.
  3. Important: To prevent yourself from becoming infected with the virus, remove the mask carefully. Then, immediately throw it away; a reusable mask should be thoroughly washed in hot water with ordinary detergent or soap, dried and ironed on both sides.
  4. The mask should be changed every two hours.

how to sew a face mask

Of course, such a mask will not be fully equivalent to a factory mask, but it will still provide some protection. Besides, you can wash the mask from fabric and reuse it.