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HSW 5G Single head Embroidery machine
  • HSW 5G Single head Embroidery machine
  • HSW 5G Single head Embroidery machine
  • HSW 5G Single head Embroidery machine
  • HSW 5G Single head Embroidery machine
  • HSW 5G Single head Embroidery machine
  • HSW 5G Single head Embroidery machine
  • HSW 5G Single head Embroidery machine
  • HSW 5G Single head Embroidery machine

HSW 5G Single head Embroidery machine

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Introducing HSW 5G Embroidery machines with Amazing & Advanced features that makes machine user friendly and efficient.

20/32 inch frame area.

 Revolutionizing Embroidery work the 5G way

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Let Explore the features and enhancements of the HSW 5G Embroidery Machines

  • The HSW 5G Embroidery machine has a very good aesthetic makeover with a Unique Identity compared to other embroidery machines, The er version has a body look that adds aesthetic value to the room it is placed in.


  • Better Support

The HSW 5G Embroidery machine has an inbuilt Table support without moving which helps the user to work on machine with ease and steadiness.

  • Voltage protection
    There is an In-built High and low voltage protection in HSW 5G Embroidery Machines which keeps the machine safe and intact. This feature is design in such a way that it turns off machine if there is any sudden raise or drop in voltage and will restart after 90 seconds. This will protect the machine from electronic breakdown and repairs.


  • HSW 5G Embroidery machine has a unique and improved User interface that makes using machine pleasant to view and user friendly.





  • Trimmer and 100-point controls were conventionally placed in the UI system. For ease, comfort, & convenience these features are placed in the form of switches in the HSW 5G Embroidery machine on its display computer so that it makes easy access to control.


  • Design like a Pro with HSW 5G Embroidery Machine exclusive - 45° movement of the frame
    The frame of HSW 5G Embroidery machine has 8-way movement which make movement of frame seamless and carries out complex designs with ease.

  • Design Display in MM and Inches
    The HSW 5G embroidery machine offers the flexibility to view the embroidery pattern in either millimeters or inches, providing greater versatility.


  • Command in 8 Indian Local Languages
    Yes, you heard that right, The HSW 5G comes with 8 Indian Local Languages to help the users command and input the orders in their preferential language.

  • Converting Text, logo or drawing into Embroidery
    HSW 5G embroidery machine has unique feature that help to show the hidden skills of drawing. Just by connecting machine with internet it can convert any writing, drawing or picture into embroidery without using any external device.

  • Reminder for Needle Position
    A flashing reminder of needle position is a part of HSW 5G Embroidery machine to facilitate the user to find the cause faster when the needle is not in the proper place.







  • Speed is proportionate to time
    HSW 5G Embroidery machines has feature that will show the required time of completion of pattern when the speed of the machine is change. This feature makes easy to judge the real time needs for completion of pattern.

  • Frame Display on Monitor
    Users can leverage the benefit of the feature to add an embroidery frame display on the main interface helping our clients to understand they are working on which frame mode.

 So, what are you waiting for?

 Amplify your production, and get desired output with ease & speed with our HSW 5G Embroidery Machines.

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